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IMOTHEP First Technology Workshop to be organised on Nov 11th, 2020 afternoon

An important event ready for take-off!

The workshop will reinforce the researchcommunity and ensure a critical mass in such a crucial period. These, both forpushing innovation out of an economic crisis hitting the sector and paving theway to the new framework program Horizon Europe with meaningful data.

After IMOTHEP vision presentation, adiscussion will be engaged with other HEP related EU projects (EXACT, PROSIB,NOVAIR, ADEC, CENTRELINE, FUTPRINT50, ASuMED,...), both at aircraftconfiguration and technological level, regarding possible synergies and gaps toensure a full knowledge coverage for facing the next years challenges, sharingand implementing together consistent and realistic roadmap.

A round table moderated by Mr. Brouckaert(Clean Sky JU) and organised with prestigious speakers from ONERA, AIRBUS,LEONARDO, TUDelft, Rolls Royce, IRT Saint-Exupéry,.. will get consensus on the best way to address HEP technology and share possible ideas for roadmap to develop synergies across Europe.

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