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IMOTHEP: Approaching the Finish Line

The IMOTHEP consortium is pleased to announce that the third project year (out of four) has been completed and the corresponding report (covering the period from July 2021 to December 2022) submitted in due time.

Periodic reports are important monitoring tools of European collaborative research projects; they explain the work progress and the use of resources against plan – in other words, how the funding money has been spent, and to which degree the expected results have been accomplished.

IMOTHEP’s key achievement in this period is the completion of the second aircraft design loop. Based on the specifications from the preliminary loop, the second loop focused on the design of the components of the power train for all four hybrid aircraft configurations that are considered within IMOTHEP, and on the integration of their characteristics in the performance assessment of these configurations. The work included:
1. Estimation of performance metrics for the proposed design of each component (specific power, efficiency, power density) and provision of geometric characteristics;
2. Definition of electric architectures;
3. Safety / reliability analysis for each component;
4. Investigation of power management principles;
5. Defining the characteristics of a thermal management system;
6. Aeropropulsive integration studies for the radical configurations using distributed propulsion and BLI;
7. Integration of component characteristics in the performance assessment of supporting aircraft configurations;
8. First technology gap analysis and identification of relevant research streams for HEP maturation, as a first step towards the elaboration of the final technology roadmap.

Later this year, IMOTHEP will organise an international workshop to disseminate the project results.

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Visual below: Features of the regional-radical plug-in hybrid configuration (credit: DLR)